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Secondary School Fares with Photo Identification Cards

CityLink is happy to offer the following discounted fares to children aged 5 -14, and to high school students who are able to show proof of attendance at a secondary school:

  • Cash Single Trip $2.00
  • Cash Transfer Trip $2.50
  • CityLink/Snapper Trip $1.60

In order to purchase a cash child fare, you must be able to show your secondary school photo identification card at any time (during the school term or school holidays) if a CityLink driver requests to see it. From 1 July 2012, if you are unable to show your photo ID when requested, you will be required to pay the full adult ticket price ($3.00 single or $4.00 transfer).

Photo ID’s must also be presented when using the CityLink/Snapper card if requested by the driver.  This ensures everyone is paying the correct fare.


Cards sold by retailers only have the adult concession loaded – $2.50 per trip.  If you wish to have receive a child concession, bring in your (or your child’s) birth certificate, or secondary school photo identification card to the Northland Regional Council offices at 36 Water Street, Whangarei.  Staff will verify the eligibility, and load the child concession rate to the card if appropriate.


The eligibility for the discounted fare on the CityLink/Snapper card will expire at the end of February each year.  Younger students will need to present a copy of their birth certificate to the Northland Regional Council in order to continue receiving this concession.

Northland Regional Council staff will contact secondary school students (via the schools) in February of each year to update their details as appropriate.

If you are unable to obtain a photo ID card from your secondary school, please download the form from the link below, have your school Dean sign the application, and bring it in to our offices with a payment of $7.00.  The NRC card will be valid from time of issue until 31 December of the current year, and will be posted to you within five working days.

Download and application form for a NRC produced ID card here.

Thank you for your co-operation.