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CityLink / Snapper Card FAQs

What have we done?
  • We’ve introduced a  CityLink Snapper card, a contactless smartcard for use on CityLink bus services.
  • These replace the old paper ten-trip tickets, which are no longer for sale and can no longer be used on any CityLink services (as of end May 2014)
  • The cards need to be topped up with money before they can be used

Where can I get one from?

You can buy cards and top up at:

  • Pepe’s Dairy – 11a Onerahi Road, Onerahi
  • Rose Street Bus Terminus – limited hours – Monday to Friday between 7.30am – 9.30am or 3.00pm -5.30pm

NB:  From 5 August 2015 Northland Regional Council can no longer do cash top ups

 How does the card work?
  • Step 1 – make sure you top up your CityLink/Snapper card
  • Step 2 – as you get on the bus, tag on by holding your card to the Snapper reader by the front door. Place your card on the Snapper symbol on the Snapper reader and hold it there until you see the green circle and hear the beep.
  • Step 3 – as you get off the bus tag off in just the same way. You can tag off at the front or the back of the bus.

Tagging on and off is important – it allows the system to work out the correct fare for your journey, and automatically apply your concession or transfer discount if applicable.  If you dont tag off properly, you’ll be charged an extra 0.50c next time you tag on.

Note: Don’t wave or “swipe” your Snapper. The reader needs time to be able to “talk” to your Snapper in order to work. Hold your Snapper to the reader and keep it still until you see the green circle. The tagging on process takes less than a second, so you won’t be there long!

Top up at Snapper kiosks

  • There is an eft pos only self service kiosk at:
    Northland Regional Council offices, 36 Water Street

Top up online: If you want to top up online (with a credit card or debit card) you’ll need to download and install the free MySnapper application onto your computer and buy a Snapper Feeder.  Snapper feeders are available for sale at the Rose St Bus Terminus, and are currently priced at $10.00 (RRP $25.00) until our current stock runs out.

  • Top up using your smartphone: If you have an Android smartphone with near field communication (NFC), you can download the free Snapper Mobile app from Google Play and top up your CityLink Snapper card.

Please note:  a top up fee of 25 cents applies at Pepe’s and Rose Street Bus Terminus.

Will my CityLink Snapper card work if I don’t top it up?
  • No, it won’t.  You will have to pay the full cash fare, please see the locations above on how and where you can top up.
How do I make sure I get the right fare loaded on my card?
  • Cards are sold as Adult cards (2.50 is deducted per trip taken) unless students can present a current secondary school photo identification to Northland Regional Council staff who will change the card to $1.60 per trip.

IMPORTANTChild concession fares on the Citylink Snapper cards will expire at the end of February each year. Smartcards will charge the adult fare if not renewed.

High School Students – you need to show us proof of attendance at a secondary school before 1 March every year. Bring your new school photo ID card and Citylink Snapper card in to the NRC offices so we can apply a travel concession to your card and ensure you are charged the correct fare for another year.  You’ll need to do this every year, or pay the full adult price.

All other children 14 and under will need to let us know their date of birth (birth certificate or visit in person) so we can ensure the CityLink Snapper card has a travel concession that will be valid until you turn 15.  After you turn 15, you’ll need to show proof of attendance to NRC staff every year to continue receiving the child discounted fares.

What if I lose my card?
  • It’s a really good idea to register your CityLink Snapper card so that you can protect the balance on your card if it is lost or stolen, plus you’ll get 24/7 online access at Snapper.co.nz so you can check your Snapper balance and transaction history. Registering your Snapper takes a couple of minutes and gives you complete peace of mind. To register your Snapper, please visit snapper.co.nz/register or call 0800 555 345 or 09 927 5805 (if calling from a mobile phone).
 What are the other rules?
  • Pretty much the same as for using the paper tickets – check out the CityLink terms and conditions on www.citylinkwhangarei.co.nz
  • For more information on Snapper card terms of use visit here.
Who do I contact if I need help?